All the Camino's a Stage. Then Another. And Another...

So, after much poring over guidebooks, maps, websites and ancient texts (not really) I think I've finalised my plan of attack.  It looks a little something like this:

As I'll be walking with at least one Camino virgin (my mum, T-Rex), I've tried to keep the daily kilometres fairly low, with the longest days being towards the very end, by which time we should be fit as fiddles and able to climb every mountain and ford every stream.  It's also a good mix of cities and of smaller villages.  Whilst I prefer the smaller rural villages with their quieter, simpler ways, you do need to top up the coffers at an ATM or grab some extra supplies every now and then, so this will give us ample opportunity to do so.

I'm a Sydneysider, so the next tidbit of information may only be useful to those travelling out of Sydney, Australia, but it seems that flying into Lisbon and then catching the train to Porto may be a better option as it requires less stopovers and is practically the same price and duration.  If you hate hanging around in departure lounges and trying to sleep on hard plastic seats with inconveniently placed armrests as much as I do, that's a massive plus.  Check out the website Rome2Rio to see what works best for you.

Da da da daaahhh, da da daaahhh...

I'm planning on staying at the Best Guest Hostel in Porto as it was recommended to me and is located smack bang between Porto São Bento station and Porto Cathedral, the starting point of my Portuguese camino.  It's only a four minute walk to both, so it's in an ideal location.

That's pretty much it for now!  Before I sign off though, if anyone has any albergue recommendations in any of the places listed above, please leave a comment below.  Cheers, yáll! :)